BCDTS Philosophy

BCDTS’ fundamental philosophy is to support our members, their dogs and the community. All our Instructors and Helpers volunteer their time so that funds raised can be used to support deserving community and animal welfare organisations.

Having a dog in your life should be a good experience for you, your household and for the dog! Dogs are pack animals and therefore are happiest when they understand the rules they have to live by Рwho is the boss, what is acceptable and that good behaviour will be rewarded.  We give you the skills to make sure your dog understands the rules and the commands, come when they are called, wait for the next command and look you in the eye with anticipation. These are all signs that your dog is responding and that you have a good relationship with your dog.

The BCDTS training philosophy is to primarily use positive reinforcement and reward to shape behaviour, while recognising that purely positive training will not work for all dogs in all situations. We acknowledge that there is a wide variety of techniques and approaches, that all dogs and owners are different and that the approach to training must be tailored to individual needs.

We cater for behavioural problems and provide support for owners of more challenging dogs. Whether you want to compete for prizes or just have fun, our instructors will help you and guide you. Remember, a well trained dog is a happy dog!