How Much?

A modest annual fee covers all and any classes you attend for that year as well as giving access to all the amenities offered by the Club.

Cash and credit card facilities available

Current Pricing

  • Family $100
  • Single $90

You can download our Membership Form here and have it already filled out and ready to go on your first day of training.  Alternately, forms are available from our office.

Becoming a Member

Our Office at the training ground processes all Memberships. You will need to provide:

  1. Completed Membership Form (Available in the Office or can be downloaded using the above link).
  2. Evidence of vaccination for your pup.  Pups must have had a least the first two, adult dogs must be up to date.
  3. Council Registration information (if pup old enough).
  4. Cash, cheque or credit card (no Amex).

On your first day we will ask to see your dog vaccination certificates and again on annual renewal.

All dogs and abilities welcome!