Club Rules

All Members (including instructors and committee) Must:

  • Wear a badge at all times when in attendance
  • Be responsible for the behaviour of their own dog/s
  • Clean up after their dog/s
  • Have each dog registered with the appropriate council
  • Keep their dog/s on lead at all times except in off-leash areas
  • Never bring bitches ‘in season’ to the ground
  • Not use equipment unless authorised by the school
  • Have fun!

Additional Considerations:

  • A member with an aggressive dog must muzzle it. Some instructors have expertise to assist with aggressive dogs. When bringing an aggressive dog, please leave it in the car until you have spoken with a Club Official.
  • Please¬†ensure that children are supervised
  • Ensure you and your children approach strange or unfamiliar dogs with care
  • Ask an instructor if you have any doubts about what you should do

Please do not bring or consume alcohol at the club unless at a designated club function, and in the interests of your community please do not leave any rubbish on the training field.