After the 1st day

The Fun Part, Training


We suggest you arrive at 9.15 – 9.30am (Sunday) or 10.15-10.30am (Thursday) to allow your dog to socialise, play and burn off some excess energy. From your second day onwards you will learn the basic commands and the reasons we use them as well as the hand signals and why we use them. Sit, drop, stand, stay and wait. You will learn about crossing the road, going through gates and doors and you may even learn how to growl!

The core skills for the lower grades include good recall (coming when called at the park), good behaviour around people, other dogs and distractions such as bikes or scooters, and good manners around the home!

Puppy Playgroup

Supervised playgroup for puppies of 3 to 4 months is held in the Clubrooms on Sundays following the 9:45am class. (Older and younger puppies welcomed as appropriate.) Handlers and puppies can participate in the normal training session, learning the basics, then enjoy play and socialisation with pups of similar age.


Your progress through each level of the club will depend on how you and your dog manage the training. There is no “right” amount of time at one level before progressing and dogs all develop at different speeds. We understand that everyone’s situation is different! Hence we provide flexibility in our training so that members can progress in manner that fits their capabilities, commitments and family situation. Each of our grades develops core skills, but progress is tailored to the individual and dog.

Many owners decide to stay at one level as they and their dogs just like coming along each week! After beginners, the next level is yellow. Then there is green, beige, blue and red. By which time you and your dog will be pretty well trained (well, most of the time…). As you progress, you can decide if you want to try being competitive at agility, flyball or obedience – or just join in the fun of doing tricks, stunts and games! Check the starting times as you go up through the levels as, on Sundays, more advanced classes start later.

Familiarise yourself with the rules and guidelines of the Club and the use of the parkland. Check out the BCDTS Philosophy page or the Rules page.